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Several annual Co-op traditions are celebrated by Chelsea families, including:

  • Building and riding on the parade float and helping at the trike-pull at the Chelsea Fair
  • Gathering at preschool on a Saturday morning for V.I.P. Day (formerly Dad’s Day)
  • Organizing Chelsea’s Hometown Holidays craft stations
  • Cheering on little runners during the Fun Run fundraiser
  • Exploring preschool artwork at the Art Show and applauding during the preschool Musical Preparing for and enjoying Loved Ones’ Luncheon (formerly Mom’s Day)

Gathering Time and Class Activities

Gathering time kicks off each class session for a time in which parents, children, and teachers come together to sing songs, talk about the day, and celebrate our community. Daily class activities bring the children and teachers together again for science exploration, music, stories, share time, and games.

Field Trips & Special Visitors

Branching out into the community is an important component of the Co-op program. Field trips to local farms, museums, and senior centers are a regular occurrence. Visitors also come to the classroom to share special instruments, stories, and community service connections.

Activity Area

The activity area is well stocked with play dough, puzzles, games, and manipulative toys for developing small muscle coordination. Often an optional organized activity is available, such as a cooking project or a scientific exploration. A sensory table is also available, which rotates between sand, rice, and other materials. Activity tables are cleaned and used for snack time.

Dramatic Play Area

The play area stimulates dramatic play through the use of dress-up clothes and accessories, playhouse appliances, dolls, and simulated realistic life experiences. It may be set up as a pizza parlor, fix-it shop, spaceship, campground, train, doctor’s office, kitchen, or anything else a child can make-believe.

Art Area

The art area offers daily art projects to promote creativity and encourage freedom of expression. Most projects focus on the artistic process, allowing children to experiment with the provided materials. A few projects are focused on the finished product, such as an instrument or keepsake.

Block Area

The block area provides a place where children can build with a large assortment of blocks. Also available in this area are train tracks, cars and trucks, racetracks, road rugs, marble runs, and farm buildings.

Outside Play

The playground equipment is specifically designed for the needs of preschoolers, including swings, slides, climbers, and playhouses. The preschool provides tricycles, snow shovels, sleds, sand toys, sidewalk chalk, and toy trucks for outdoor play.

Library & Writing Center

The library is a quieter place for children to look at books. The space includes a couch, bean bags, and a quiet nook. Parents may choose to read to children in this area. Children may checkout books to borrow and take home.

The writing center provides paper, pencils, crayons, stencils, stickers, rulers, scissors, and markers so that children can draw or write. A large table is provided, as well as clipboards for mobile projects. Children often make cards for each other or loved ones at home. Sometimes a cutting pool is available for small hand muscle exercise and endless cutting fun. paper, pencils, crayons and markers so that children can draw or write.

Large Motor Area

Climbing and large muscle equipment, such as a rocking boat and a climbing fort, are provided in the large motor area. Children are encouraged to explore their balance, strength, and coordination in a safe and supervised area.