It’s time to start thinking about preschool for next year!  In addition to our wonderful regular programs, we have new preschool programs available, check them out under program descriptions. 
 The Co-op is going paperless this year with online registration!  Early enrollment is available for current and past members on Thursday, February 13th. Enrollment is open to new members after Thursday, February 27th. Online registration can be found at:
 Please review the Program Descriptions, Committee Descriptions, and Intro Letter before logging on to register.  There is a lot of important and useful information listed here!



Family Committee and Board Descriptions

Intro Letter

The school year begins the second week of September and ends the second week of May. Monthly tuition is based
on a yearly amount divided into 9 monthly payments, which are due on the 15th of the preceding month.

2020-2021 Class Schedule and Tuition Rates

  • 2 Year Child and Parent Playgroup– Fridays from 9:00 to 10:30am– $90/12week session
  • AM 3 year old program– Tu/Th from 8:15 to 11am– $130/month
  • AM 4 year old program– M/W/F from 8:15 to 11am– $190/month
  • Online 4 year old program– M/W/F afternoons– $75/month

Scholarship Assistance: 

Partial tuition scholarships are available based on financial need. Details and a scholarship request application are
available from our website (see link) and from our
Membership Chairperson. All scholarship requests will be reviewed and granted confidentially. 

Scholarship Letter and Application