Preschool Areas

Co-op parents should expect to participate at the school approximately two times a month. Participation involves setting an atmosphere in which the children, free to be themselves, can flourish as individuals learning, creating, experiencing, and socializing. This is done by staying in the background to give their creative spirits free reign, yet being ready to step in to help, arbitrate, encourage or give individual attention in whatever way is needed.

Your participation day will involve supervising inside and, weather permitting, outside areas. Parents also assist with regulating the number of children playing in each area of the school. These areas include:

  • Activity Area is well stocked with play dough and manipulative toys for developing small muscle coordination. Children are encouraged to pick up before starting another game or toy. A sand table is also provided in this area.
  • Dramatic Play Area of the preschool stimulates dramatic play through the use of dress-up clothes and accessories, playhouse appliances, dolls, and simulated realistic life experiences. It may be set up as a pizza parlor, beauty/barber shop, fix-it shop, spaceship, campground, train, etc.
  • Art Area offers daily art projects. Assist only when needed. Allow the children freedom of expression in whatever art form is scheduled. Easels are also always available.
  • Block Area provides a place where children can build with a large assortment of blocks. Block buildings are to be only chest high to the children.
  • Outside Play Equipment is specifically designed for the needs of preschoolers. While supervising this area, please follow safety guidelines.
  • Library is a quieter place for children to look at books. Parents may choose to read to children in this area.
  • Writing Center provides paper, pencils, crayons and markers so that children can draw or write.
  • Large Motor Area provides climbing and large muscle equipment (eg. rocking boat, climbing fort)