The 3’s program is designed to help children transition comfortably and safely into a school environment while developing a love for school and learning.  Throughout the year we will work through units that allow children to experience new things, ask questions, explore, and create. Some of the school readiness skills that we work on extensively include transitioning, self-control, attention span, self-help skills, literacy, cooperation, confidence and following directions.  We will work to develop fine motor muscles and provide experiences that become building blocks for academic subject areas.  The three-year-old year is often when children move from parallel play, and observations of others, to more interactive and engaged play with their peers.  Our environment supports this evolution with opportunities to play with others or to simply observe.  We respect each child’s developmental timetable, which can vary greatly at this age.  As children leave the three-year-old program, they are ready to come back as confident, engaged learners in the 4-year-old year.