The 3 and 4 year old multi-age class provides a flexible preschool option.  All children are recipients of the same curriculum for the first two class meetings of the week, and only the four year olds attend a third class meeting. The third class day focuses on topics more appropriate for four year olds – specifically the study of letters. Families with more than one child in preschool often like this option because it consolidates their schedules.  Parents of 4 year olds, who wish to have a two-day option but still want their children to be with their age group, can opt for two class sessions per week in the multi-age class.  Three year olds may only choose the two-day option.  The multi-age class provides an environment where not all children are the same age, allowing some to emerge as role models for others – a mutually beneficial situation.  The multi-age class is only offered in the afternoon.