The Co-op is moving!!

We are excited to announce that the co-op is moving. Our new location will be at the Saint Paul Church off of Old US Highway 12. Our new location features larger classrooms with more indoor play space. In addition to the wonderful new indoor space, we will be building a brand new playground.

A special thank you goes out from the co-op to 5 Healthy Towns. 5 Healthy Towns has gifted the co-op with a grant to assist us in building our playground at our new location at the Saint Paul Church.

Saint Paul has been so gracious to host our annual Art show and musical in the past. We couldn’t have asked for a better new location for our school.

School Calendars

NOTE: In the event of inclement weather, the school will follow Chelsea School District closures.

School Calendar

2019-2020 School Calendar

Sept. 5 Fall Open House Jan. 24 ½ Day CPS

Early Release 10:45 AM

Sept. 9 Orientations

AM 4s Group A

AM Multi-Age Group A

Jan. 25 Fun Run
Sept. 10 Orientations

AM 3s Group A

AM Multi-Age Group B

Feb. 11 Annual Membership Meeting 7 PM (mandatory)
Sept. 11 Orientations

AM 4s Group B

No School Multi-Age

Feb. 13 ½ Day CPS

Early Release 10:45

Sept. 12 Orientations

AM 3s Group B 

No School Multi-Age

Feb. 14 – 17 Presidents’ Weekend

No School

Sept. 13 No School Mar. 11 Musical, Art Show, and Auction 6 PM
Sept. 16 First Full Day

AM4s and Multi-Age

Mar. 13 ½ Day CPS

Early Release 10:45

Sept. 17 First Full Day AM3s Mar. 17, 18, or 19 Picture Day
Oct. 1 General Membership Meeting 7 PM (mandatory) Mar. 30 – Apr. 3 Spring Break

No School

Oct. 14 ½ Day CPS

Early Release 10:45 AM

Apr. 10 Good Friday

No School

Nov. 9 V.I.P. Day

8:30 – 10:30 AM

May 5-7 Loved One’s Luncheon

12 – 1 PM

Nov. 27 – 29 Thanksgiving Break

No School

May 14 Last Day

AM3s and Multi-Age

Dec. 23 – Jan. 3 Winter Break

No School

May 15 Last Day

AM 4s

Jan. 20 MLK Jr. Day

No School

May 20 Ice Cream Social 5 PM

Board Meetings

The preschool board meets monthly and any member is always welcome to attend.

Board Meeting Dates 2019-2020


  • June 11th 2019 @7pm
  • July 9th 2019 @7pm
  • August 13th 2019 @7pm
  • September 10th 2019 @7pm
  • October 1rst 2019 after GMM
  • November 12th 2019 @7pm-School
  • December 10th 2019 @7pm
  • January 14th 2020 @7pm-School
  • February 11th 2020 after GMM
  • March 11th 2020 after musical
  • April 14th 2020 @7pm- School
  • May 19th 2020 @7pm-School