Board Members

2020 – 2021

President: Alex Hammett –

Concern: Administrative, Bylaw revision, Orientation, family social involvement, any problems

Vice President: Corrina Strecker

Concern: Committee assignments

Secretary: Claire Keiser –

Concern: Clarification of a meeting’s minutes or desire to attend a meeting, executive board election

Treasurer: Brenda

Concern: Questions regarding the budget or reimbursement of authorized expenses

Assistant Treasurer: Karen

Concern: Tuition, payment plans, fees

Bookkeeper: Colin Barras

Membership Chair:  Corinna Strecker

Concern: Enrollment, change in contact/emergency/medical information

Publicity Chair: Danielle

Concern: Website, T-shirts, advertisement

Ways & Means Chair: Andrea Nadeau

Concern: Fundraising

Session Reps:

AM 3s & 4s: Claire Dosenberry –

Concern: Assist parent schedule; questions or suggestions regarding your involvement or your session